House - The Itch

Wilson: You are scared to get involved.
House: How is that scared? It's rational. Emotionally mature people that work together should not date. Guaranteed break-up, guaranteed ugliness.
Wilson: Any relationship that doesn't end in a break-up ends in death. Everything falls apart in the end. That's your worldview. The corollary, which you keep forgetting, is that you have to grab any chance for happiness.
House: Why does this matter so much to you? Cuddy and I are fine. The only person getting worked up here is you.
Wilson: I don't want you to be fine; I want you to be happy. I think if you dated her-
House: Are you familiar with the adverb, 'vicariously?'
Wilson: If I wanted to ask her out-
House: You did ask her out. Last year. Whatever happened there?
Wilson: I don't know. I wasn't interested.
House: Wrong. You were interested. But Amber grabbed your genitals first and now you're single and that makes you miserable because you think it's too soon for another relationship, so you're gonna make me miserable. Please, get a girlfriend, a life, or something. For me.

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