Fiona Apple e a sua Extraordinary Machine

One man, he'd disappoint me
He'd give me the gouge and he take my glee
Now every other man I see
Remind me of the
One man who disappointed me
Get him back

I'm undecided about you again
I can be right that you're not here
It's double sided 'cause I ruined it all
But also saved myself
by never believing you dear
oh Sailor

What you did to me made me
See myself something different
Though I try to talk sense to myself
But I just won't listen
What you did to me made me see myself somethin' awful
A voice once stentorian is now again weak and muffled
It took me such a long time to get back up the first time you did it
I spent all I had to get it back, and now it seems I've been outbidded

oh Well

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