I saw you... I saw you in my dreams, where you still live everyday.
There you were, feeling happy, laughing, enjoying your life.
There, you were with me.
You held me tight, you protected me, I felt safe.
There, you told me that nothing else mattered. That you were there for me, no matter what.
There, we spoke like before, about music, cinema, books, about you, about me, about life... about us.
You told me how much you'd missed me, how much my smile and my eyes were missed by your heart.
You told me how much your hands would always look for mine and never found them...
You told me how nervous you'd get thinking that you could never see me again.
I kept silent. I said nothing, waiting for a break when I could say that I missed you desperately. That I almost died remembering your touch, your lips, your smile, your eyes, your hand in mine...
I couldn't say a word. I just stood there, being hugged by you, carefully listening to what you were saying. Kissing you, sharing that one moment.
There, we felt alive, our hearts beating at the same beat, as if they were one.
There we were, holding ourselves so we couldn't fall.
There we were, not caring with others. Just us...
There we were, like we were one.
I felt that there was where I belong.
I felt that I belong to you.
Indeed... I belong to you!
I wake up. I look around to see where I am.
I am alone.
You are no longer with me.
I am alone.
In my dream I loved you, I cherished you, I wanted you.
Now... I am alone.


  1. muito interessante! tudo o que diz respeito aos sonhos interessa-me. também tenho escrito algumas coisas nesta área...

  2. Bom, primeiro não estás sozinha, tens amigos, sua parva :D
    Segundo, o texto tá bem escrito, gostei bastante.